Caesar Dressing

  • crazblueyes Posted: 04/12/11
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I was looking for something lighter, creamier, and easier to make than a classic caesar. I typically make a caesar dressing from scratch with the eggs, oil, vinegar, anchovy, etc. I am not sure what I could do to improve upon this recipe. It came out too runny, and had a very spicy kick in the aftertaste...might have been too much pepper? Or maybe too much garlic, which I typically love? It almost tasted like it had horseradish in it and it didn't. I like spicy food, too. I'm also not a novice cook...I love to cook and bake, so fairly sure I followed the recipe correctly. This dressing really doesn't even coat the lettuce leaves...I will continue to search for a better creamy caesar recipe.


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