Butter Rum Pound Cake

  • SRodrig185 Posted: 01/01/09
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I was shopping for Christmas gifts and noticed the boxed rum cakes in the store. I checked the price and it was more than I wanted to spend. So, I thought, I have flour, sugar, rum and butter at home. I can make this. I searched for a recipe that reminded me of my Abuelita's Panetela. I remember her making it often as a child, and I chose this one because of the butter pound cake. The recipe was fast and easy. I was able to make the cake overnight and send it to my sister with my neice who was passing by on her way home from college for Christmas. On New Year's Day I made the cake for myself. It tasted great warm out of the oven. The outside edges are sugary crisp and the inside is soft and moist. I can definitely taste the rum. I also feel the aroma of the rum as I swallow the cake. I used milk to make the frosting a glaze. It was too thick without it. I also considered using orange or lemon juice. I would defnitely make it again. This recipe is saved for future use.

  • JasonM Posted: 03/10/09
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    This was a very quick dessert to put together. I was impressed with how easy it was. I didn't have any spiced rum, so I used Malibu Coconut Rum instead. That was a decent substitution, I feel, because the coconut flavor really blended with the rich, buttery taste that was already present in the cake. Very moist texture. Unlike other readers, I did not find that the exterior of the cake was tough or crunchy. I can't wait to try this toasted with a little bit of fruit on top as suggested in the magazine. We served it with a dallop of whipped cream and it was excellent!

  • Oregoncook Posted: 02/10/09
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I thought this would be much more flavorful and moist.


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