Butter Lettuce Shrimp Salad with Pears and Blue Cheese

Butter Lettuce Shrimp Salad with Pears and Blue CheeseRecipe
Photo: James Carrier
Notes: Chef John Howie at Palisade smokes the hazelnuts himself, but you can occasionally find smoked hazelnuts in the supermarket. If you can't, use smoked almonds.


Makes 4 servings

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Nutritional Information

Calories 226
Caloriesfromfat 38 %
Protein 18 g
Fat 9.4 g
Satfat 0.8 g
Carbohydrate 22 g
Fiber 5.8 g
Sodium 234 mg
Cholesterol 111 mg


2 heads butter lettuce (1 1/4 to 1 1/3 lb. total)
1/2 pound shelled cooked tiny shrimp
1/2 cup cherry tomatoes (1/2 in. wide, if available)
1/2 cup roasted salted smoked hazelnuts or roasted salted smoked almonds (see notes)
2 firm-ripe Asian, Comice, or Bosc pears (about 1/2 lb. each)
2 tablespoons lemon juice or rice vinegar
Fresh-ground pepper


1. Rinse and drain lettuce leaves; wrap in towels, enclose in a plastic bag, and chill at least 15 minutes or up to 2 days.

2. Rinse shrimp with cold water and drain. Rinse and stem tomatoes; if larger than 1/2 inch, cut into quarters.

3. Coarsely chop nuts. Rinse pears, core, and cut into 1/4-inch-thick sticks; in a bowl, mix cut fruit with lemon juice.

4. Mound lettuce on plates or in bowls. Over lettuce, evenly scatter shrimp, tomatoes, and nuts. Top equally with pears. Ladle dressing to taste over salads and sprinkle with pepper.