Boston Baked Beans

  • WandaJ6 Posted: 12/31/11
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    This is the only Baked Bean recipe I have used since it appeared in Cooking Light back in 1995. My only variation is that I do not always use the green peppers; I come from the East Coast originally and green peppers are not part of the the traditional Baked Beans served every Saturday night when I was a kid growing up. These beans are juicy and flavourful and worth buying a bean crock for. The tiny bits of bacon are a great substitute for salt pork. One tip that is in the recipe is essential - navy beans need to be boiled, then soaked. Don;t make the mistake of just soaking them, like one would do with the slightly larger yellow eye beans.that are also often used to make Baked Beans.


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