Blueberry Sherbet

  • Blueschiz Posted: 07/07/11
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I was skeptical about the buttermilk, but the overall flavor was incredible. The fresh blueberries made it light and enjoyable and it is just sweet enough. The quality of your vanilla probably is important in this one. I made it in an ice cream freezer, so I can't speak to the tray in the freezer method.

  • jhbock Posted: 11/05/11
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I made this with my 11 year old grandson for a school assignment on food from Michigan, and it was a great success. We went to the grocery store togehter and got the ingredients we needed. He measured and put all the ingredients in the blender, then ran the blender. after her tasted it, he decided we needed to make two more batches making two to share at school and one for us. I will use this for an upcoming party.

  • Nin1066 Posted: 07/21/12
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    had just picked 20 lbs of berries, so I was looking for some different recipes. When I found this one, I mixed it right away. Tasted it before was exquisite. I used whole buttermilk instead of the fat free and used a whole vanilla bean instead of the extract. I do think the vanilla is going to make a difference here. Taking this to a little gathering tonight...I can't wait for them to taste it! Planning on making this with my 4 y/o grandson also. He will LOVE this!!!

  • Keiko123 Posted: 08/22/13
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    Wow. Froze in only two hours! A little too sweet for my taste so next time will lessen up the sugar. Pretty and company worthy. Used cultivated fresh blueberries (the big fat ones) and it was a little chunky, I think it would work even better with wild blueberries.Definitely will make again.


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