Black Bean-and-Brown Rice Pitas

  • Gilly61 Posted: 09/29/11
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    Very good, a bit spicy but manageable. A little tough to make, possibly the second time will go easier, I may have been trying to get it done faster, and i really rinsed the beans well, I soaked them in water in the can, and the corn didn't want to thaw as fast as i thought it should. I used a fresh mango salsa I found in the store and like that very well. I coat the inside of the pita with light sour cream to help the spinach leaves stick (oh, and I used spinach leaves instead of lettuce, ha ha). I have gotten way more servings out of this than I thought I would, I have at least 6 out of it now and a few left to go, I use Kangarooo brand pita pockets, sort of a medium sized pocket. I do like this though, very satisfying and filling, look forward to lunch when I have this to eat.


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