The Best Darned Grilled Chicken Ever

  • SuzanneM Posted: 03/07/11
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    With a title like this, there is a lot to live up to, and it did! This was very flavorful, moist and easy to make. I was afraid all the spices would just overwhelm the dish, but they didn't at all, nor was it too hot. Grilling put a nice crust on the meat as well. We seldom eat chicken with skin, but this was worth it! It was a great centerpiece to our Mardi Gras feast.

  • MichaelTM Posted: 06/21/11
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    This is excellent and easy. It might not be the "best ever" for a die-hard grill fanatic, but it should be tried. Ive made this several times and here are some suggestions: 1) You can do without the lemon and lime peel; they're a lot of work and don't really add much, if anything; 2) When you follow their instructions for combining the ingredients for the seasoning paste, it balls up when you add the soy sauce. It's much easier to rub the soy sauce on the chicken first, then sprinkle the dry ingredients onto the chicken. You won't be able to scrape the seasoning paste off the chicken, but that's fine because you'll have enough of the dry ingredients left over to later add the butter and make the basting paste. 3) There's a difference between Cajun Seasoning (Prudhomme's, Chacherie's, Zaterain's, etc.) and P. Prudhomme's Meat Magic seasoning. You should try it both ways -- with Meat Magic and with Cajun sesoning.


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