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Baked Ham with Mustard-Peach Glaze

Basting this ham with peach preserves and mustard creates a glistening entrée that tastes as good as it looks.

Oxmoor House JUNE 2006

  • Yield: 8 to 10 servings
  • Cook time:2 Hours, 20 Minutes
  • Prep time:13 Minutes
  • Total:2 Hours, 48 Minutes


  • 1 (8-pound) fully cooked shank portion hardwood-smoked ham
  • 1 cup peach preserves
  • 1 (7.3-ounce) jar coarse-grained Dijon mustard (we tested with Maille)
  • 2 cups peach nectar, divided
  • Garnish: Seckel pears


Remove and discard skin from ham. Using a boning knife, score fat on ham 1/8" deep in a diamond pattern. Place ham, fat side up, on a lightly greased rack in a shallow roasting pan. Insert a meat thermometer, making sure it does not touch fat or bone.

Stir together preserves, mustard, and 1 cup peach nectar in a large bowl; pour over ham.

Bake ham, uncovered, at 350° for 2 hours and 20 minutes or until meat thermometer registers 140°, basting with pan juices every 20 minutes.

Transfer ham to a serving platter. Let stand 15 minutes before carving.

Pour pan drippings into a large saucepan. Add remaining 1 cup peach nectar; bring to a boil. Serve sauce with ham. Garnish, if desired.


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Baked Ham with Mustard-Peach Glaze recipe