Ancho, Beef, and Kidney Bean Chili

  • CherylR1954 Posted: 10/09/10
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    This is incredible chili. It definitely is worth the time to make the puree. I did make some substitutions. Because I didn't want to figure out how many cups of dried kidney beans would make 6 cups (though I could have easily on the Internet), I bought 3 cans of kidney beans. They weren't enough, so I threw in a can of black beans, which I love. It's chili--so what? The market didn't have ancho chiles so I guess and grabbed chipotles. I checked online and I was w/in about a point in terms of heat...if anything just a tad hotter, which is fine in my book. And I did get lazy and didn't want to cut up the beef, so used 2 lbs. of ground sirloin. It tastes so good today that I'm eating something else tonight and waiting til tomorrow night to really enjoy it. This is certainly one of the best chilis I ever made, and I have dozens of recipes.

  • MooAtU2 Posted: 12/10/08
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I really like this recipe. The ancho chilies were a great addition. I was surprised that the type of meat I used came out so tender, but I wished I would have cut it up smaller. I also used canned kidney beans. I knocked off one star because it was a little time consuming and used a lot of dishes.

  • ChelleyBones Posted: 04/24/09
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    This dish blows all other chilis out of this world! Very healthy and quite a filling meal. I cut the recipe in half and there was still enough to feed a crowd and plenty of leftovers! I was unable to find dried seeded ancho chiles so I seeded them myself. Added to the prep time but was well worth it. I also cut the meat into smaller chunks. Because my 10 month old is freightened by the blender I skipped this step. Made the chili a little bit more soupy but not in a bad way. Very delicious and highly recommended!


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