Almond and Jam Pastries

  • jennycook Posted: 03/06/14
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    This is really good, and very easy to make. (I imagine that if one does not have a food processor, you can use almond meal; saw some at Trader Joe's the other day.) I have taken to skipping the jam, as I find it hard to smear one smooshy thing atop another. That could be overcome, of course, if you love the jam. I have added large amounts of vanilla, as I am wont to do (1-2 Tablespoons? I don't measure), and I find that the simple taste of almonds and vanilla is perfect for our family. It's great to have around as an easy leftover treat in the fridge. I suggest putting a dollop of it on the sliced bread and letting that come to room temperature before spreading, or you will ruin your brioche/challah.


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