Almond-apricot Cake

  • monicakes Posted: 05/12/13
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I love making fancy cakes, so quickly decided to prepare it for Mother's Day. Unfortunately, the result is very disappointing. There is one plus: good butter cake. Contras: 1. baked cake turned out to be too dry for a filled cake (would be OK, if you added some alcohol or juice to moisten it, or serve as a dry cake to be dipped in tea). 2. frosting is WAY TOO buttery; it really just tastes like sweet butter, much too greasy and heavy for a filled cake. Again, I would replace it with heavy-cream frosting, which with apricot might taste light and nice. 3. I love marzipan, but this layer doesn't rally add much almond-marzipan flavor; it remains a rather separate layer of almond paste, not integrated into the whole cake. 4. Altogether, then, it is not worth the effort or money. Lighter frosting, moistening the cake with some fluid, and incorporating almond flavor to the cake or frosting might result in much better cake.


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