Acapulco Enchiladas

  • misterstu Posted: 06/09/10
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    Definitely a nice and easy recipe that always yields good results. And, as stated, five cups of water when you soak your peppers, and don't skip the tomato puree.

  • elopez7576 Posted: 01/04/13
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    Very tasty! The men in the house gave it two thumbs up. I added an onion and some smoked paprika.

  • Prodyahoo4 Posted: 03/13/13
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  • Larbear92113 Posted: 12/27/12
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    Like the one's we've made from childhood growing up in San Diego before the East coasters came in and ruined Mex-Food. Best dinners after Thanksgiving & X-mas - left over Turkey Taco's & Enchiladas. Short cut use Los Palmas Enchilada sauce - good home flavor & cost$. We do use a shredded sharp cheddar or some times a white Jack. Put a little on the sauce-dipped tortilla first then olives then meat & then fold-roll. Topping with heated sauce & a little cheese after baking. Fried Taco - pre-fry a (prefer a white corn) tortilla til just starting to firm up & have "puffed" up a bit- stack til you have a quanity - then stuff with meat filling, "pin" taco shape with tooth pick, return to heated pan with small amount of oil. "Fry" until desired crunch & "brownness" - about 1-2 minutes a side. Remove & drain Taco's on paper towels Then stuff with some cheese, lettuce, Pico de Gallo salsa & more cheese.

  • burnelltaylor Posted: 10/12/12
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    These Enchiladas are so good. I love them. Tasts like you were in Mixico. Couldn't find any this good in any Mex. Cafe. Leftovers are wonderful. Worth the scratch sauce, its the sauce that makes them so very good , the filling is also what makes them a winner

  • SunsetFan Posted: 01/16/13
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    This is Sunset's classic recipe from the 60's !! Slivered almonds work best. You can add a few golden raisins. Good with leftover turkey after Thanksgiving. It is just fine to use the canned enchilada sauce, as noted by one of the other reviewers. If you have an old recipe for Chiles Relienos casserole, that is a nice accompaniment. This recipe has withstood the test of time. Enjoy.

  • MarloM Posted: 12/02/13
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    Very good. Raisins a critical addition. Also added green chilis. And used uncooked flour tortillas... But cooked in place of deep frying. Served with refried beans and guacamole. Yum!


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