Easy Pizza, Pronto!

Making pizza at home is easy. Try these recipes using pre-made crusts piled high with our favorite toppings.

  • Tony's Hand-Tossed Pizza

    Tony's Hand-Tossed Pizza

    Bring the flavors of California into your kitchen with this pizza recipe from Chef Tony Germignani, two-time winner of the World Pizza Championship. Try this classic meaty pie, or one of his other favorites like Cholula Spicy Chicken, found on the recipe page. For a quick dinner, use a pre-made pizza crust or, if you have more time, try Tony's hand-tossed dough recipe.

    Recipe: Tony's Hand-Tossed Pizza

  • Turkey Alfredo Pizza

    Turkey Alfredo Pizza

    If you're in the mood for white pizza, try this inventive variation featuring collard greens and leftover turkey. Commercial Alfredo sauce and nutty fontina cheese result in an easy yet distinctive meal.

    Recipe: Turkey Alfredo Pizza

  • Ratatouille Pizza with Chicken

    Ratatouille Pizza with Chicken

    Serve a pizza stuffed with veggie toppings. Layer ratatouille, a French dish of sautéed eggplant, bell pepper, onion, mushrooms, and garlic, with chopped rotisserie chicken for a colorful pizza pie that's packed with flavor.

    Recipe: Ratatouille Pizza with Chicken

  • Insalata Pizzas

    Insalata Pizzas

    Go green with a personal-sized pita pizza piled high with sweet onions, grape tomatoes, pitted olives, and salad greens. Serve with a cup of soup for a warm, flavorful meal.

    Recipe: Insalata Pizzas

  • Breakfast Pizza

    Breakfast Pizza

    Serve this recipe for brunch or dinner. A mix between a breakfast casserole and a quiche, this pizza features a crescent roll crust and the rich flavors of turkey sausage, hash brown potatoes, and cheddar cheese.

    Recipe: Breakfast Pizza

  • Tomato-Basil Pizza

    Tomato-Basil Pizza

    This pizza requires only six ingredients! Use an Italian cheese-flavored pizza crust and fresh, ripe tomatoes.

    Recipe: Tomato-Basil Pizza

  • Walnut Pizza with Arugula and Yellow Tomatoes

    Walnut Pizza with Arugula and Yellow Tomatoes

    Customize a personal-pan crust with feta cheese, bright veggies, and fresh arugula. Individually-sized pies allow dinner guests to mix and match their favorite toppings.

    Recipe: Walnut Pizza with Arugula and Yellow Tomatoes

  • Steak and Blue Cheese Pizza

    Steak and Blue Cheese Pizza

    This quick and easy yet elegant main dish serves up hearty slices of sirloin steak and rich blue cheese crumbles. You may never order delivery again.

    Recipe: Steak and Blue Cheese Pizza

  • Cuban Chicken Pizza

    Cuban Chicken Pizza

    Top flour tortillas with black beans, corn, spicy Monterey Jack, and roasted chicken for quick-and-easy individual-sized pizzas.

    Recipe: Cuban Chicken Pizza

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