Superfast Blueberry Desserts

Showcase fresh or frozen blueberries with these easy and quick desserts.

  • Blueberry-Orange Parfaits
    Photo: Randy Mayor; Stylist: Jan Gautro

    Blueberry-Orange Parfaits

    This dish comes together in a few minutes if you purchase orange sections from the refrigerated part of the produce section. To make ahead, prepare parfaits and refrigerate, covered, for up to four hours; sprinkle with wheat germ just before serving.
  • Polenta-Blueberry Cakes

    Polenta-Blueberry Cakes

    Tart lemon rind and lemon juice offset sweet blueberries in these muffin-like cakes, perfect for warm weather brunches.

    Recipe: Polenta-Blueberry Cakes

  • Blueberry-Peach Galettes

    Blueberry-Peach Galettes

    Originating in France, a galette is a round pastry, usually topped with fruit, jam, or cheese. For this shortcut version, use refrigerated pie dough and frozen fruit.

    Recipe: Blueberry-Peach Galettes

  • Blueberry Shortbread Bites

    Blueberry Shortbread Bites

    These bite-sized shortbreads pair blueberries with subtle orange flavors for a light tea-time treat.

    Recipe: Blueberry Shortbread Bites

  • Blueberries with Brown Sugar Cream

    Blueberries with Brown Sugar Cream

    Let the natural sweetness of blueberries shine through with this 3-ingredient recipe. Simply top fresh blueberries with sour cream and sprinkle with brown sugar for a superfast summer dessert.

    Recipe: Blueberries with Brown Sugar Cream

  • Blueberries in Black Pepper-Syrah Syrup

    Blueberries in Black Pepper-Syrah Syrup

    Drench blueberries in homemade syrah syrup for an elegant end to your next dinner party.

    Recipe: Blueberries in Black Pepper-Syrah Syrup

  • Blueberry-Pecan Cake

    Blueberry-Pecan Cake

    Pair blueberries with crunchy pecans for a not-too-sweet dessert that guests are sure to love.

    Recipe: Blueberry-Pecan Cake

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