October 13, 2016

We all have those "things" in our lives that feel sacred to us. Places, people, objects, beliefs. For me, it’s not necessarily an item or person, it’s more so a period of time. A time when everything was acid-washed and bad for you in all the good ways. That’s right, I’m talking about the ‘80s. And being a proud ‘80s baby, there’s just something about being born in this decade that makes me feel like I’m superior to every generation thereafter. If you didn’t grow up or live in the age of Saved by the Bell, Lou Grant, Prince’s “Purple Rain,” Madonna’s “Papa Don’t Preach,” N.W.A., Punky Brewster, Salt-N-Pepa, 21 Jump Street, Rakim, the Thriller album, and the ultimate cult-classic film of misfits, The Breakfast Club, we probably don't have much to talk about. The ‘80s shaped much of who I am today, but the snacks I ate while watching TV or listening to music after school is a next-level of obsession, one I hold near and dear to my heart now that most of my childhood treats have been discontinued.

As I long for the days gone by of slap bracelets and Jawbreakers, I realize the new normal is organic, dye-free, and clean eating. Yes, the processed sugar, bleached flour, Wonder Bread, and food dye I grew up on is very much frowned upon today. So naturally, every so often, I want to revisit some of the snacks I loved as a child... food stuffs that are as reminiscent of the ‘80s as shoulder pads, Nerds, and side ponytails with scrunchies (Uh-huh, I went there).

Some are firmly of the past, some persevere in the present, but none of these tasty treats will be forgotten (at least, not by me). Here are some of my favorite '80s snacks and our inspired substitutes that come pretty close to the real thing. This is Throwback Thursday: snack edition. Join me for a little walk down processed food memory lane.


Keebler's Tato Skins



Dinky Donuts Cereal



Hunt's Snack Pack Pudding


Dolly Madison Fruit Pie



Squeezeit Fruit Drinks



Oreo Big Stuf



Betty Crocker Dunk-a-roos





Smurf Berry Crunch Cereal



Jell-O Pudding Pops



Whether or not you grew up in the age of Psycho, Rocky, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, or Forrest Gump, your childhood was undoubtedly marked by interesting food and snacks you were proud to show off in your lunchbox. What are some nostalgic snacks from your generation you wish could make a comeback? Tell us about it in the comments below.



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