November 03, 2016

Nutella: Is it a spread or a dessert topping? This is the million-dollar question that has federal regulators stumped as they've been challenged to re-define the classification of the popular chocolate-hazelnut spread.



The Food and Drug Administration wants to hear about your Nutella consumption habits. Yes,

Look! It's Nutella, not on the dessert table... just casually stepping in as a filling for everyone's favorite breakfast indulgence.



Sweet and fruity, rich and nutty, these muffins are definitely a special breakfast--and they  just so happen to beautifully highlight swirls of the chocolate-hazelnut spread.



Nutella and Strawberry Crepes.

It's all a matter of when you eat them. If in the morning, it's breakfast.



When the kids get home from school, dainty banana-chocolate toasted sammies are just what they need. An afternoon snack like this is a "treat"--not dessert.

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