Stunning Winter Fruit Desserts

Feature seasonal fruits like pears, apples, and oranges in these elegant desserts that add a touch of class to the holiday table.

  • Elegant Citrus Tart
    Photo: Jennifer Davick; Styling: Lydia DeGaris Pursell

    Elegant Citrus Tart

    Top an orange curd-filled tart with an assortment of brilliantly-colored citrus fruit slices such as orange and grapefruit for an impressive dessert.
  • Apple-Crisp Baked Apples
    Dan Goldberg

    Apple-Crisp Baked Apples

    Fill a hollowed apple with a fragrant mixture of nuts, cinnamon, cardamon, and oats. Try using Pink Lady or Jazz (a popular new hybrid) apples, which tend to retain their shape and color better during baking. Bake and serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side.
  • Pear-Cranberry Crisp
    Photography: Becky Luigart-Stayner; Styling: Melanie J. Clarke

    Pear-Cranberry Crisp

    Keep the ingredients for this quick-cooking dish around during the holidays in case you need a dessert to serve unexpected guests. Top the mix of tart cranberries, sweet pears, and crispy oats with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
  • Poached Pears with Cardamom Cream

    Poached Pears with Cardamom Cream

    Savor this quintessential holiday dessert of poached pears flavored with orange juice and vanilla beans. Drizzle a luscious ice cream sauce on top for extra pizzazz.
  • Warm Oranges in Sake Cream with Sesame Brittle

    Warm Oranges in Sake Cream with Sesame Brittle

    This sweet and nutty dessert features orange sections, a sake cream sauce, and homemade sesame seed brittle. Our testers used a mixture of regular and black sesame seeds for bright color contrast.
  • Quince-Apple Crisp
    James Carrier

    Quince-Apple Crisp

    The tart quince, a seasonal fruit available between October and December, tastes like a cross between an apple and a pear. Its firm texture makes it a great addition to this classic six-ingredient apple crisp.
  • Pomegranate-Cider Baked Apples With Sugared Piecrust Strips
    Jennifer Davick; Mindi Shapiro Levine

    Pomegranate-Cider Baked Apples With Sugared Piecrust Strips

    Pack all the essentials of a classic apple pie into elegant, individual treats. The pomegranate juice’s sweet-tart flavor complements the bright-tasting Granny Smith apples. Serve with crisp pie crust strips.
  • Gingered Ambrosia

    Gingered Ambrosia

    Serve a sweet dessert of orange sections and pineapple chunks flavored with bright lime juice, fresh ginger, and slivered mint leaves. A dusting of sweet, flaky coconut adds a delicate boost of texture.
  • Caramel Pears

    Caramel Pears

    Simmer ripe Bosac pears in a vibrant four-ingredient sauce, then add a splash of white rum for an extra hint of sweetness. Serve with cinnamon sticks for a company-worthy garnish.
  • Sparkling Oranges
    James Carrier

    Sparkling Oranges

    Layer oranges, pomegranate seeds, and a zesty spice sauce in a clear bowl for a dessert that's big on presentation and fresh flavor.
  • Pear Dumplings
    Photo: Jennifer Davick; Styling: Lydia Degaris Pursell

    Pear Dumplings

    A fresh ginger-and-citrus syrup adds the finishing touch to these pastry-wrapped pears.
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