Fun & Sassy Cocktail Napkins

These cocktail napkins from IMproper Greetings put the fun in dysfunctional. Pick your favorite design and let the party plan itself.

  • <p>Outside the Home Cocktail Napkins</p>

    Weeknight Dinner Party

    When your friends gather for an impromptu dinner party during the week, don't apologize for your unswept floors-- own them! Life's too short to trade a morning walk for a swiffer and a pile of cookbooks. Make this delicious dinner menu featuring filet, pour the red wine, and let the party begin.

  • <p>Beer Holder Cocktail Napkins</p>

    Saturday Night Fling

    Beer goggles are like rose-colored glasses-- they make everything look better! Luckily, you won't need them to improve the taste of the recipes in this party menu. Gather your friends this weekend for a tasting of local beers. Serve recipes inspired by fresh, seasonal ingredients to bring out the best in the dishes and the tasters. Bottoms up!

  • <p>Dressy Casual Cocktail Napkins</p>

    As-You-Are Gathering

    Finally! Now can we all agree that we have no idea what "Dressy Casual", "Yacht Chic", or "Crisp & Cool" mean on an invitation? Thumb your nose (and a crisp & cool martini) at convention and invite friends over for a true come-as-you-are gathering. If they call to clarify the dress, send them here.

  • <p>Party Hat Cocktail Napkins</p>

    Next-Day Brunch

    When hanging with your crowd means that the party rages until morning, be prepared with easy make-ahead breakfast and brunch ideas. And, for heaven's sake, take your friend's party hat off before she crashes on your couch. No one looks cute waking up with a plastic "Happy Birthday" tiara still strapped to her chin.

  • <p>My Own Money Cocktail Napkins</p>

    BYOBaked Goods Bash

    Tired of being asked to donate "home-made" goods for office parties, baked sales, or fund raisers? Drop the guilt over store-bought goods and accept that, sometimes, you bake the casserole and buy the desserts. Invite your friends over for an easy, delicious casserole dinner and tell them to bring over dessert. Home-made or store-bought-- no judging allowed.

  • <p>Bite Me Cocktail Napkins</p>

    Banish the Blues Party

    Forget to send the haters their invitations and instead hang with the crew you'd really like to see, and who loves you for who you are. We suggest using these napkins with your best friends (and tasty appetizers!) or as a cheeky relief at a stuffy gathering. "No Aunt Helen, the 'bite me' refers to the pate!"

  • <p>Hydrated Cocktail Napkins</p>

    Walking Group Cocktail Hour

    This group of girls normally sees you at your fresh-faced best. And by "best", we mean unbrushed ponytail, mismatched socks, and toothpaste still on your chin. Show them you appreciate their go-get-'em fitness attitudes and sunrise motivation by hosting them for a healthy happy hour that won't leave you parched for your morning mile. After all, staying hydrated is great social exercise.

  • <p>Wake Up Cocktail Napkins</p>

    Best Friends' Brunch

    No one's saying you have to call out Nancy for staying out until the early hours, but hosting a Big Easy Brunch might just get the giggles you're going for. We suggest serving this brunch with Champagne, because it's the one cocktail that goes from midnight to mid-morning without missing a beat.

  • <p>Pot Cocktail Napkins</p>

    Clear the Clutter Clatch

    Host a weekend gathering that's half yard sale and half swap meet with the invite for dinner on you afterwards. Ask your friends to spend a few hours cleaning out their basement or attic and bring any gems they find to swap for other treasures. So what if you get together and decide it's all going to charity? Everybody wins! You can also opt to bid on the items using any non-monetary currency available. One dozen muffins for a new pot set? Sold!

  • <p>Hors D'Oeuvres Cocktail Napkins</p>

    "Hors" D'Oeuvres Gathering

    While we don't condone name-calling among friends, we do support good-natured ribbing. Get your friends and their better halves together for a good old fashioned gripe fest. Whether you discuss politics or politicos is up to you.

  • <p>Hangover Cocktail Napkins</p>

    Class Reunion

    Whether you were voted Most Likely to Graduate or Most Likely to Repeat Senior Year, remembering high school or college days can bring back laughs, groans, and all-around good times. Get your girlfriends together and celebrate who you were and who you became.

  • <p>IMproper Greetings Cocktail Napkins</p>

    IMproper Greetings Cocktail Napkins

    We admit it; we wouldn't normally plan parties around festive napkins, but these are so gosh-darn cute that they simply inspire a good time. Order a few, or use them as inspiration, and get planning! The good times await.


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