Martie Knows Parties: Tequila Bar Happy Hour Party

Martie Duncan puts a fun spin on after-work cocktails by showing you how to host a self-serve tequila bar party for friends and co-workers.

  • Tequila Bar Overview
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    Be the Happy Hour Hostess

    Why drink to the end of another workday at a restaurant or bar when you can invite friends and co-workers to a self-serve tequila bar at your home? It's more fun, more personal, and a lot more affordable than a night out. As the host, you provide tequila and mixers, good music, some munchies, and a spot to gather! Your friends will love that you're letting them play bartender. Click the link below to watch Martie throw the party!



  • Tequila Bar Party Invite
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    Sending the Invite

    Since this is an impromptu party, a casual Facebook, e-vite, or email note asking for RSVPs will do the trick. Because this happy hour is at your house rather than a bar, you need to designate a time frame for the festivities. Asking for RSVPs will help you plan for the appropriate amount of food and drink without overspending.
  • Tex-Mex Pizza
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    Pick-Up Food Menu

    Guests shouldn't expect a full meal, but they will want something to graze on. You won't want to rush home from work and fuss with complicated recipes, either. This menu is a mix of store-bought and easy Tex-Mex inspired dishes. You can't go wrong setting out tortilla chips and an assortment of salsas, Mexican pizzas, and frozen taquitos.
  • Tequila Bar Set Up
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    Cocktail Buffet

    This happy hour must have drinks. Keep it simple with one liquor option (tequila) and then build the cocktail buffet around it. Set out the tequila, shot glasses, mixers, rimming supplies, juices, and garnishes so that your guests can get creative as bartenders. Keeping in mind that some people may not want to mix their own, have a few pitchers of some pre-mixed margaritas available.
  • The Orange Beach
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    The Orange Beach

    Every party needs a signature cocktail. Mix up a batch of Orange Beaches, a refreshing spin on the traditional Tequila Sunrise. Inspired by the sunset, it calls for tequila blanco, orange juice, cranberry juice, a squeeze of lime, and a little grenadine floating on top.




  • Tequila Bar Decor
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    Double Duty Décor

    Don't worry too much about decorating. Let your self-serve bar be the star of the party. When setting up the bar, pay careful attention to the food and presentation. Group colors together and use clear serving pieces for the drinks so their colors can shine through. Take direction from your cocktails and display lemons, limes, and oranges in glass vases for pops of color throughout the party. Mix and match inexpensive colorful paper plates with your nice pieces to pull everything together.
  • Tequila Bar CD
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    Mellow Music

    No party is complete without music! Compile a playlist of music ahead of time or download ours so you can simply hit play when guests arrive. For an after-work party, choose upbeat but mellow tunes to help people transition from work mode to party mode.

    Download the playlist from iTunes




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