Martie Knows Parties: Girls' Getaway Dinner

Stay in to have all the fun of going out with none of the hassle with this portable, dinner-to-go party.

  • Arrive, Relax, and Eat
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    Arrive, Relax, and Eat

    You and all of your friends have finally synced schedules for a girls' getaway weekend! After traveling all day, the last thing anyone wants to do is get dressed for dinner out. Instead, stay in, get comfy, and catch up over this portable "party to-go" menu that includes cocktails! All you have to do is unpack, pour, and pop the food in the oven once you've arrived!


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  • Green Chile-Chicken Casserole
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    Mexican Inspired Menu

    Pack a cooler with your pre-made dinner fixings. Make a tasty casserole, like this Green Chile-Chicken Casserole, the day before and freeze it. It can thaw out in the cooler while you're traveling so it's oven-ready when you arrive. Prep the ingredients to Mexican slaw so that it is assembly-only once you arrive. For appetizers, buy guacamole, salsa, and chips from the store for guests to munch on when they arrive.
  • The Chihuahua
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    A Great Cocktail

    To make this dinner even easier, serve just one versatile cocktail throughout the night. Put a Mexican spin on a traditional Salty Dog cocktail (vodka and grapefruit with a salt rim) and make a Chihuahua instead with ruby red grapefruit, tequila blanco, lime juice, a splash of Tabasco®, and a salt rim. The Chihuahua isn't too salty, too sweet, or too strong so you and your guests can drink them all through the night.
  • Pack with Strategy
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    Pack with Strategy

    For this portable dinner party, packing correctly is key! We recommend mixing up a big batch of the Chihuahua, freezing it overnight, and letting it thaw alongside your casserole in the cooler to a refreshing slushy texture. Place the cooler, other food items, any table decorations, and serving pieces you will need last in the car. This way, they are the first things you can get out when you arrive. You will not want to be sifting through your clothes and towels to get to the food.

  • Make it Pretty
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    Make It Pretty

    You may be having your weekend getaway in a bland rental. No worries! You can easily perk it up with a few quick tricks. Bring colorful paper plates and napkins to give your table a festive (and disposable) look. Tuck a bright, Mexican-inspired blanket into your bag for a makeshift tablecloth. Cut down on waste by purchasing cute, inexpensive, and reusable plastic cups for everyone on the trip to enjoy and take home as a fun token.
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