Martie Knows Parties: Movie Madness

Let Martie show you how to unwind with your friends at home over great girl-power movies, lots of chocolate, and one very special chocolate cocktail.

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    Cinema Therapy

    You've had the most stressful week ever and so have all of your girlfriends. Rather than go out for a pricey night on the town, stay in and watch movies about outrageous women conquering their own quirky situations. Great friends, awesome movies, a menu rich with nutty chocolate treats, and one delicious cocktail will relax everyone.

  • Chocolate-Hazelnut Tartlets
    By Martie Duncan for, Photo: William Dickey; Styling: Rose Nguyen

    A Nutty Menu

    For this party, take nutty to the next level and only serve foods that contain nuts. Begin with simple, savory dishes like finger sandwiches and dips before moving on to the decadent chocolate portion. Don't worry about making all of the food from scratch. Use store-bought items or assign friends to bring dishes. Make sure to warn everyone that nuts will be on the menu if any guests have nut allergies.
  • Mocha Margarita
    By Martie Duncan for, Arden Ward Photography

    The Mocha Margarita

    No girls' only party is complete without a cocktail. This Mocha Margarita is one part beverage, one part rich dessert. Guests will go wild for this chocolate ice cream, espresso, and tequila blanco concoction. Be sure to make extra batches of this cool and creamy cocktail.



  • Movie Madness Party Decorations
    By Martie Duncan for, Arden Ward Photography

    Comfy Decorations

    You don't need many decorations. Place candles on the coffee table for a pretty glow and so that guests can see what there eating once the lights go off for the movie. Set out extra pillows and throws to allow everyone to get cozy once the films begin.
  • Movie Madness Party Movies and Music
    By Martie Duncan for, Arden Ward Photography

    Movies and Music

    Though movies will be the main action of this party, put your guests in a movie watching mood by having music playing when they arrive. Create a playlist in advance so that you won't be fussing with the music selection. We've taken cues from the party theme and put together a list of songs from great movies.

    Download the playlist from iTunes

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