Martie Knows Parties: Wine Around the World Party

Have all the fun of traveling the international world of wine without ever leaving your area code, and do it on a budget. Get your itinerary for exciting travels here.

  • Gear Up for Travels
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    Gear Up for Travels

    Who doesn't love to share stories of travel adventures and get ideas for the next trip? A Wine Around the World party is easy and inexpensive to host since guests bring the food, the wine...even the decorations! This is a great chance for them to relive biking in the South of France, riding with the gauchos in Argentina, or lingering in the cafes of Italy. Dust off those photos, call your friends, and get ready to travel the globe—no passport required!

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  • Plan the Itinerary
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    Plan the Itinerary

    Guests each bring a bottle of wine and food from a favorite destination, whether it's a country they've visited or a place on their wish list. The host coordinates the countries with guests. If more than one friend has been to Australia, no worries, mate. Ask one person to bring an appetizer and the other to bring a dessert with their wine selections.
  • The Wine Challenge
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    The Wine Challenge

    No need to plan a menu but do give guests ideas of what to bring to ensure plenty of variety. For example, assign someone to bring a good, inexpensive Spanish red like Osborne Solaz, and a tappas platter (little dishes of Spanish olives, almonds, and Manchego cheese). Or consider a tortilla espanola, a tasty and filling Spanish potato omelet. Set a wine budget of $20 a bottle. If you really want to challenge your guests, ask them to find a great wine under $12!
  • Photo Contest
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    Photo Contest

    A slide show of photos from each guest's destination (emailed in advance) can play on the TV while guests recount the tales behind the pictures. Award prizes for best photo, best story, worst story, worst travel nightmare, and best overall presentation. Prizes can include luggage tags, luggage locks, folding totes, and other travel related accessories.

    Don't neglect your wine finds. Vote for your favorite bottle and have your friends guess the least expensive selection. Wine stoppers, bottle openers, or wine totes make great prizes.
  • Let the Music Guide You
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    Let the Music Guide You

    In the days leading up to the party, download this playlist of tunes to set the mood. Or create your own music mix. Start by researching international music online, or browse through CD's at the store. Don't forget about the world music section at music shops and bookstores where you will find lots of albums from different countries.
  • Decorating: Little Embassies
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    Decorating: Little Embassies

    Create "embassy row" by asking guests to bring flags, music, photos, small souvenirs, or books that represent their respective countries. Designate a display station for each guest, leaving plenty of room for wine and food. Put plates and wine glasses in one central spot or place them on individual tables. Don't be afraid to mix and match your tableware and napkins.
  • Easy Entertaining
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    Easy Entertaining

    A Wine Around the World Party is so easy to pull together. And since everyone helps, it's not a chore. The best part is you won't have to go through airport security to experience exotic locales. Instead, the world comes to you!
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