April 07, 2016

Too many people with desk jobs end up working through their lunch break or cramming some sad mediocre meal into their mouth while continuing to work. It's time to take back lunch time and actually enjoy your mid-afternoon meal. Below we have some tips on just how to do that:

Make it look nice

Nobody expects you to have a 5 star multi-course meal for lunch, but at least make it appealing to you. Pack it in a nice container (or even better use a quirky lunch bag) and make sure it looks presentable with a little bit of a garnish, multiple colors (no one wants an all-beige meal), or a drizzle of sauce.

Who could resist the rainbow shades of these Sesame Zoodles?

Stock your desk

Currently, my desk has salt, a black pepper grinder, and hot sauce. If you have the space, dedicate a desk drawer to being a mini-pantry to spice up your meals. Stock according to your preferences and you'll be able to spruce up any soggy salad or floppy sandwich into a decent meal. Some suggestions: Olive oil, vinegars, nut butters, soy sauce, mustard, and seasoned salt. Anything shelf stable that can be thrown on for a flavor boost is a good option.

Bonus points if your desk drawer is stocked with homemade goodies, like Roasted Red Pepper Hot Sauce.

Throw it in a bowl

Bowls are the new mason jar salads when it comes to the "cool kid" lunches. The key is to combine several categories of food: grains, vegetables, leafy greens, protein, and healthy fat. The possibilities are endless, from