Must-Have Kitchen Essentials

Whether your're registering for wedding gifts or just looking to update your cookware collection, we can tell you just what you need.

Must-Have Kitchen Essentials
Mixed-Berry Shake

Blender Recipes

This must-have kitchen utensil can do so much more than make milkshakes–try blender recipes for tapenade, margaritas, pesto sauce, and soup.

Becoming a good cook begins with the basics–-using the right ingredients, techniques, and equipment. The time and energy you expend in the kitchen can easily be reduced by organizing the space to fit your needs. Store utensils and small appliances near the area where you'll use them. Keep pot holders, kitchen towels, and baking pans near the cooktop and oven. Separate small utensils and gadgets in drawer trays. Keep a variety of spoons, spatulas, and other frequently used utensils in a container near your work area, so you'll always have them at your fingertips. Store knives in a knife block or on a magnetic strip that hangs on the wall where they'll be safe and easily accessible.

Review our basic equipment recommendations and then examine your current supplies for future needs.


Consider buying individual pieces you know you'll use rather than a whole set, and get the best your budget allows.



Shiny aluminum and stainless steel bakeware produce the best results. They conduct heat evenly and encourage a brown crust, while dark pans can cause overbrowning. Always use the pan size specified in a recipe. The correct way to measure pans is across the inside top edges.






Peggy Smith
Jun, 2008

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