5 Dinner Parties for Four

Invite another couple over for dinner and savor a fun night in at the most exclusive joint in town: your dining room table.

  • Elegant Weeknight Entertaining

    Elegant Weeknight Entertaining

    Pork tenderloin is a surprisingly easy dish to make and always comes off as impressive when sliced and plated. Nutty quinoa is an ideal foil for the pork's tangy cranberry sauce. Add some steamed broccoli for a flavorful, well-balanced meal. Best of all, this entire menu comes together in less than 45 minutes.

    Pork Tenderloin Tonight

  • Introduce an Aphrodisiac

    Introduce an Aphrodisiac

    Pour the wine, light the candles, and enjoy a dinner that's sure to please everyone around the table. Serve a dinner that's as much of a treat for the palate as it is a culinary education. Plate the oysters family style and let everyone try the different varieties.

    Love on the Half Shell

  • Casual Night In

    Casual Night In

    Invite friends over to watch a shared favorite TV series or the big game and ladle up big bowls of this delicious chili. Pair with blue corn chips and a refreshing strawberry dessert that's sure to cut the spice of the main dish.

    South of the Border Chili Night

  • Cause for Celebration

    Cause for Celebration

    When it's just the four of you it's hard to justify cooking an entire leg of lamb, but what if that's what you're really craving? Get the same great flavor with a fraction of the cost by making a smaller-scale lamb dishes. Serve the elegant braise on a bed of mashed potatoes to sock up the succulent juices.

    Braised Lamb Dinner

  • Sweet-Hot Seafood Supper

    Sweet-Hot Seafood Supper

    Many people avoid cooking fish when company comes, but these salmon filets, flavored with a sweet-spicy glaze, are guaranteed crowd pleasers. Pair with brown-sugar-pecan sweet potatoes and a green veggie and you've got an elegant dinner for four in about 20 minutes.

    Sweet-Hot Salmon Menu

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