Martie Knows Parties: Throw a Bollywood Bash

Next time you're hosting a lively party, turn to India for inspiration.

  • Bollywood Themed Party
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    Go Bollywood

    Forget Hollywood glamour, think Bollywood instead! With the popularity of movies like Slumdog Millionaire, Indian-themed "Bollywood" parties are all the rage. Start with colorful fabrics, henna tattoos, some hip Indian music and our spicy Curry-in-a-Hurry and you've got an exotic Bollywood-style party, pronto!
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  • Decorations
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    Decorate with What You Have

    Before you head to the store, look around to see what you already have. Decide on your color scheme, don't be afraid to re-purpose any colorful scarves, pillows, throws, or even inexpensive colorful sheets you already own. Anything bold and colorful will work for this party. Buy inexpensive colorful bracelets and display them in bowls for your guests to put on as they arrive.
  • Decorations
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    Henna for Everyone

    Entertain your guests with an authentic Indian activity such as henna tattoos. Henna is a natural dye used to decorate the hands of guests at many Indian celebrations. You can hire someone to do this, or have guests try their hand at creating their own designs. Henna dye and henna kits are available at beauty supply stores or ethnic markets.
  • Indian Dancing
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    Dancing Is a Must

    The music and the dancing absolutely make a Bollywood party. Start by creating a playlist. Go online to find your own Indian music or download the playlist that we've created for you.

    Also look online for Bollywood style instructional dance videos. Learn the steps before your party and play the videos on your TV to help guests with the steps.
  • Rice Pudding
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    Get Take Out

    The menu for this party only sounds exotic, but is actually very easy. Many of the recipes are perfect to make ahead. Remember to always take some help from the store or your favorite take-out restaurant. You can usually find naan bread and other Indian staples at the grocery store. If you don't want to make dessert, select a store bought option and add spices. For example, by adding a hint of cardamom, you'll completely transform store bought rice pudding into one with authentic Indian flavor.

  • Rice Pudding
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    Night Cap

    As the music and dancing wind down towards the end of the party, set out a traditional tea or coffee bar and send your guests home to Bollywood dreams.
  • Bollywood Menu
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    Get the Menu

    Your Indian inspired menu needs to be really flavorful to compliment the colorful decorations, exotic tattoos, and vibrant music. Try our menu for just the right combinations of spicy foods and cool drinks to get the party really started.

    Menu: Bollywood Menu

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