July 14, 2016

You know what's better served in a biscuit? Everything, except maybe spaghetti—maybe.


That's because a flakey, golden, buttery biscuit is downright flawless. And if the great Beyoncé has taught us nothing else, it's that


2. Add cocoa powder to the equation to give them a rich chocolately


3. Or you could always  


4. Go a little nutty with the typical dough recipe by


5. Toss that biscuit cutter (kidding, just put it away) and make one big


6. Or, conversely, make 'em 


7. Transform a favorite biscuit dough into  


8. Shape your biscuits into pretty pinwheels to top gooey, warm baked fruit. Use cherries, peaches, blackberries, and/or whatever else is in season and suits your fancy.

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