July 07, 2016

It's too dang hot. We'll say it again: It's. Too. Dang. Hot.

We love to cook. And so do you (otherwise, you probably wouldn't be here, reading this). But when the oven causes your house/apartment's temperature to raise to something akin to an inferno, it's time to cook selectively. By that, we mean cook what's necessary and no-cook what's not, like sauces.

No-cook sauce can be everything from chopped fresh

Dress a black bean salad, toss with pulled chicken for tacos, or serve with grilled shrimp.


Pair with any spicy dish (the yogurt tames the heat) or grilled salmon.


Toss with rice noodles and thinly sliced veggies, serve with grilled tofu or chicken, stir into ground turkey for a different kind of burger, serve with

Drizzle over

Serve with

Brush onto grilled meats or vegetable kebabs, serve with roasted or grilled fish, stir into cooked grains like couscous or farro.


Top nachos or tortilla chips, drizzle on tacos, spoon over rice, toss it with roasted potatoes, or use it as a sauce for pretty much anything, like chicken, pork, fish, summer squash, or sautéed greens.


Top a sandwich or baked potato, serve with grilled vegetables, eat with pita chips, serve with roasted chicken, toss with cooked potatoes for a Greek-inspired potato salad, or serve with grilled shrimp.


Use on a burger or vegetable sandwich, as a dip, or as an accompaniment to grilled chicken or salmon.


Drizzle over tomatoes, toss with cooked grains or pasta, eat with scrambled eggs, or slather on a sandwich.

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