Spring Awakening Menu

A make-ahead menu for Easter, or even a lazy Sunday with friends.

Spring Awakening Menu
Serves: 8

Get started the day before:
Quiche Bake and chill.
Ham Trim and score ham (step 1 of recipes); make glaze and chill (step 2).
Buns Bake, but don't add icing.
Citrus salad Prepare and chill.
Watercress salad Stem watercress and make dressing; chill them separately.

Finish up in the morning:
2 1/2 hours before Start baking ham.
1/2 hour before Put quiche and buns into oven with ham (tent both with foil). Make fresh o.j. and orange slices for drinks.
15 minutes before Remove buns from oven and ice them. Set out ham and salads; dress the watercress.

Sunset, April 2010