Fourth of July Fete Menu

There's plenty to celebrate with our casual outdoor menu, including tips on how you can do much of the cooking ahead.

Fourth of July Fete Menu
Serves: 8

Countdown to the Fourth
Prepare some items in advance so the menu comes together easily.

Up to 2 days ahead:
• Make shallot butter.

Up to 1 day ahead:
• Make juice mixture for beverages.
• Prepare couscous side dish.
• Marinate beans.

2 hours before dinner:
• Combine oil and herbs for pork.

30 minutes ahead:
• Assemble cobbler.
• Light grill.

15 minutes ahead:
• Preheat oven for cobbler.

As guests arrive:
• Place cobbler in oven.
• Combine drink ingredients in a pitcher.
• Grill pork.

Cooking Light, July 2009