October 26, 2013


The benefit of staying home to cheer on your team in front of the big screen? Food that doesn’t have to travel well and isn’t served in “bite-size” proportions. That’s when our new cookbook,

In the book, this chili recipe is paired with

Final verdict? The chili had fabulous flavor, especially when topped with homemade avocado-mango salsa and Monterey Jack cheese. It was just enough to make the dish special without becoming too fancy. And whether you crumble it, dunk it or just eat it on the side, cornbread is always the perfect accompaniment to chili in my eyes. We spiced ours up with onions and jalapeños for the added kick. Then the dessert was there to cool us down, a rich yet refreshing treat that I served in cute little ramekins.

All in all, this was a great homemade meal that was easy to prepare, easy to clean up, and easy to eat. So when gameday rolls around next weekend, reach for our new cookbook instead of the pile of delivery menus and your guests will thank you.

Follow along as we make the meals using the 150 top-rated recipes featured in our newest cookbook, Easy Meal Maker. Want to get in on the fun? Get your copy of Easy Meal Maker, available now, and tweet us @My_Recipes using #MealMaker.

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