Summer Cones

M&Ms Chocolate Candies
24 cones


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1 bag M&M'S® Brand Milk Chocolate Candies
1 bag SNICKERS® Brand Miniatures, chopped
1 18.25-oz. box yellow cake mix
2 16-oz. cans vanilla frosting
24 ice-cream sugar cones
Red food coloring
24 paper cupcake liners
2 12-cup standard size muffin tins


Prep time: 20 min.
Baking time: 20 min.
Decoration time: 30 min

1. Prepare yellow cake mix according to the package directions. Fold in the chopped SNICKERS® Brand Miniatures, before transferring the batter to cupcake paper-lined muffin tins. Bake in a preheated 350-degree oven for 20 minutes. Cool completely.

2. Tint the frosting pink with a few drops of food coloring.

3. Fill each sugar cone with 1 tablespoon of M&M'S® Brand Milk Chocolate Candies. TIP: You can use flat bottom wafer cones in place of sugar cones.

4. Remove the paper liners from the cupcakes. Top the cones with the cupcakes, and cover with pink frosting.

5. Decorate with M&M'S® Brand Milk Chocolate Candies and sprinkles.

FUN SUBSTITUTE: Try POP'ABLES® SNICKERS® Brand Bite Size Candies, chopped, instead of SNICKERS® Brand Miniatures in Step 1.

Created date

March 2008