Peanut Noodle Salad with Cucumber and Roast Pork

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Peanut Noodle Salad with Cucumber and Roast PorkRecipe
Christina Holmes
Tossed with a tangy peanut dressing, this cold noodle salad with pork tenderloin is hearty but still refreshing.


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1 jar (0.2-ounce jar) dried chopped chives
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
Cayenne pepper
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
1 pork tenderloin
1/2 cup smooth natural peanut butter (without sugar)
1/4 cup cider vinegar
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon honey
10 ounces dried linguine
1 (1/2 cup) cucumber, peeled, halved, seeded and thinly sliced on the diagonal
1/2 cup basil leaves, torn
2 ounces (2 cups) pea shoots or tendrils


Active: 25 Minutes
Total: 45 Minutes

In a mini food processor, combine the dried chives, black pepper, a pinch of cayenne pepper and 1 tablespoon of the oil. Process to a moist powder. Season the pork with salt and spread the chive mixture all over the pork. Cover and refrigerate for 1 hour.

Preheat the oven to 350°. In a small bowl, whisk the peanut butter with the vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, honey and a pinch of cayenne. Season with salt.

In an ovenproof nonstick skillet, heat the remaining 2 tablespoons of oil. Add the pork and cook over moderately high heat for 2 minutes. Reduce the heat to moderate and cook until browned, 2 minutes longer. Turn the pork and cook for 2 minutes more. Transfer the skillet to the oven and roast the tenderloin for about 15 minutes for medium meat, turning halfway through. Transfer the pork to a board and let rest for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, in a pot of boiling salted water, cook the linguine until al dente. Drain, reserving 3 tablespoons of the cooking water. Rinse the noodles under cold water until cool; toss to remove the excess water and pat dry with paper towels. Transfer the noodles to a bowl.

Stir the pasta cooking water into the peanut dressing and pour the sauce over the noodles. Toss well. Stir in the cucumber, basil and half of the pea shoots. Transfer the noodles to bowls and garnish with the remaining pea shoots. Slice the pork 1/3 inch thick and serve with the noodle salad.

Created date

May 2013

Nutritional Information

Calories 465
Fat 20 g
Satfat 2.8 g
Carbohydrate 44 g
Fiber 3 g
Protein 27 g