A Hen's Nest

Oxmoor House
6 servings


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6 large eggs in the shell
Candied orange peel


Carefully pierce small end of each egg shell using along sharp needle. Continue to insert needle throughout entire length of egg, piercing yolk and opposite end of shell. Withdraw needle; carefully chip away hole at each end of shell to 1/8-inch circumference, using needle. Blow gently through one hole, forcing egg white and yolk to be expelled from hole at opposite end of shell. Reserve yolks and whites of 2 eggs for use in Soft Custard recipe. Other yolks and whites may be used in other recipes.

Rinse egg shells well; drain. Seal hole in small end of each shell using a small piece of freezer tape. Place egg shells, tape side down, in egg carton.

Pour blancmange equally into prepared egg shells. (Holes in shells may need to be enlarged. ) Refrigerate overnight.

Pour a small amount of Soft Custard into 6 individual serving dishes. Sprinkle each with candied orange peel to resemble straw. Gently " unpeel " blancmange eggs, discarding shells. Arrange eggs over candied peel so that each serving resembles an egg in a hen's nest. Serve chilled.

Created date

February 2010