Surfing Birthday Party

Grab your board and head to high tide where the drinks are cool, the food is tasty, and cake is gnarly. Our hostess with the mostess Jennifer Koehler tells you how.

  • <p>Set the Scene</p>
    Jennifer Koehler

    Set the Scene

    Surf's up, friends! Grab your board and head to the party, where you'll find ocean-inspired drinks, surfboard cookies chilling in sweet sugar sand, and cute totes ready to haul your favors home.

  • <p>Catch the Wave</p>
    Jennifer Koehler

    Catch the Wave

    Invite guests to the party with an invitation featuring water-friendly colors and art. The surfboards, in blue and yellow, bring out the nautical theme of this birthday celebration.

  • <p>Surfboard Cake</p>
    Jennifer Koehler; Cookies by SunshineBakes

    Surfboard Cake

    Decorate a classic white cake with surfboard cookies to give it that surf-inspired feeling. Save time by going by the bakery or make the cake at home with this indulgent White Cake Recipe.

  • <p>Sharks!</p>
    Jennifer Koehler


    What's a surfing party without the guest of honor? Bring sharks to the table by serving ocean-hued drinks teeming with gummy shark candies. To tint your drink, turn to drink mixes, sports drink powders, or even a drop or two of blue food dye in a clear drink, such as lemon lime soda.

  • <p>Cool Down</p>
    Jennifer Koehler

    Cool Down

    Create an aloha lounge area for the kids to relax by offering fun fizzy drinks (in your colors, of course!) with festive straws featuring fun details, like these Surf's Up flags.

  • <p>Just Add Paper</p>
    Jennifer Koehler

    Just Add Paper

    When it comes to decorating for any party, an easy tip is to keep a stash of paper lanterns on hand. They fill empty vertical space with bright colors and fun shapes. Plus, they pack down flat, making them easy to store for future celebrations.

  • <p>Surf's Up! Flags</p>
    Jennifer Koehler

    Surf's Up! Flags

    Adding a fun flag to the drink straws is an easy way to add spirit to a party. They look adorable when lined up on the buffet, and even better as guests carry them around while they enjoy their sipper. Think of a fun phrase that fits your theme, like Surf's Up! or Lifeguard On Duty!

  • <p>Hang Ten Treats</p>
    Jennifer Koehler; Cookies by SunshineBakes

    Hang Ten Treats

    Display scene-stealing sugar cookies in a mixture of brown sugar and demerara sugar, which looks like sand. You can also crumble sugar cookies or graham crackers to make your beach the color you'd like it to be. To make the surfboard cookies, make classic sugar cookies using an oblong cookie cutter.

  • <p>Fruit Trees</p>
    Jennifer Koehler

    Fruit Trees

    Making edible decor is a fun way to add a twist to the typical party paper products. These palm trees, featuring mandarin orange sand, banana trunks, and kiwi leaves, are swaying in the breeze to the sound of steel drums.

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