Space Birthday Party

Three... Two... One... Blast off! Host an out-of-this-world space birthday party for your pint-sized astronaut.

  • Space Party Invitation
    Jennifer Koehler

    Invite Your Guests

    Invite pint-sized astronauts to your space birthday party in style with an invitation featuring futuristic fonts and, of course, a rocket ship. You can find vendors, like Olive & Star who designed this invitation, on sites like Etsy who are willing to match their designs to your party decor.

  • Space Party Table Setting
    Jennifer Koehler

    Set the Table

    When serving cake and doing crafts with young guests, it's ideal to have spots at a table for them to enjoy the party. Keep them entertained with bright colors, fun drink mugs, and a little bag of goodies.

  • Space Party Place Setting
    Jennifer Koehler

    Must-Have Goodie Bags

    Personalized muslin draw string favor bags, like these from For Your Little Monkey, are perfect for toting home fun treats. Fill the bags with rocket toothbrushes, astronaut action figures, and space-themed toys.

  • Space Party Drink
    Jennifer Koehler

    Rocket Sippy Cups

    Sometimes it's one detail that makes the party. These rocket sippy cups, found at Target, sparked the idea for the space-themed birthday party, which was held at a local space museum in Durham, North Carolina. Fill the cups with Milky Way Milkshakes, aka chocolate milk.

  • Space Party Cake
    Jennifer Koehler, Cake by Jackie Treschl

    Space Cake

    Keep the cake simple by using a white icing decorated with stars, planets, and a rocket ship. Serve the cake toward the end of the party so that you can enjoy it as a centerpiece on your table.

  • Space Party Bar
    Jennifer Koehler

    Set the Scene

    Bright colors add bright color to any room, even if you're hosting your party at a local event space or museum. Keep travel in mind when planning food; treats in glass jars are easy to pack and transport.

  • Color Your Space
    Jennifer Koehler

    Color Your Space

    Greet guests with a packet of crayons at their spot at the table. Cover the table with butcher paper and encourage the kids to decorate it with stars, rockets, and other fun space-themed ideas. Then, when the party's over, the butcher paper provides easy cleanup for any drink spills or cake crumbs.

  • Space Party Asteroids
    Jennifer Koehler


    No need to pack tons of sweets. Brightly colored cereals, like Twix, work perfectly for small fingers to snack on, and look perfect in glass containers.

  • Space Party Paper Rockets
    Jennifer Koehler

    Paper Rocket Candy Favors

    Transform DIY rockets into candy-filled favors. To make the rockets, cover empty toilet paper rolls with white tissue paper, fill with candy, and tie with a ribbon to secure the candy. Then cover the rolls in red craft paper and use a circle punch to make the rocket top, secured with hot glue.

  • Space Party Rocket Fuel
    Jennifer Koehler

    Rocket Fuel

    Giving basic punch or juice a fun name keeps it right on theme. Name your drink of choice Rocket Fuel and watch it disappear!

  • Space Party Fondant Rocket
    Jennifer Koehler

    Fondant Rocket

    Crafting a too-cute rocket for the birthday cake is easy when using fondant. You can purchase pre-made fondant at most major craft stores in various colors. Break out the slicing tools and get creative!

  • Space Party Saturn's Rings
    Jennifer Koehler

    Saturn's Rings

    Serve a snack that satisfies and teaches a bit about space. Saturn's Rings, also known as Fruit Loop cereal, are a delicious introduction to planets.

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