Kid-Friendly Summer Parties  

Plan a birthday bash for the little one in your house. No life-sized stuffed animals (or tokens) required.

  • <p>Outdoor Movie Night</p>
    Beth Dreilling Hontzas

    Outdoor Movie Night

    No school means staying up late, or at least a little later. Make the night special by taking the party outside and showing a movie projected onto a large sheet or even the side of your house. Throw out blankets, pop popcorn, and enjoy a party that's fun for kids of all ages and easy on the clean up.


    Movie Night

  • Foolproof Party Food

    Foolproof Party Food

    There are times to teach nutrition and times to keep 30 kids happy all at once. When you're faced with the latter, opt for a guaranteed-to-please kid-friendly meal of chicken nuggets. This lightened version of the childhood favorite has only 1.8 grams of fat and 190 calories per serving, which is a generous five nuggets plus sauce! Pair with fresh veggies or sweet potato fries.

    Recipe: Chicken Nuggets with Mustard Dipping Sauce

  • Birthday Fiesta

    Birthday Fiesta

    Kids love a good themed party, so throw a sombrero on the table, hoist a pinata in the air, and whip up a delicious helping of black bean enchiladas. Pair with a festive Fizzy Frozen Mock-a-Rita to really set the party atmosphere. Don't tell the kids, but the enchiladas have soy crumbles instead of ground beef and frozen strawberries lend the bright color to the fun drink.

    Kid-Friendly Fiesta

  • A Buggy Birthday Bash

    Budget-Friendly Birthday

    Save your sanity by making large servings of a limited number of things. The Giant Barbecue Bacon Burger looks like one big burger, but it actually serves six! Decorate with toys you have on hand–they're free and you know they're a favorite of the birthday boy or girl's.

    A Buggy Birthday Bash

  • Sweet Endings

    Edible Party Favors

    Instead of making favor bags, wrap up a sweet treat for guests to take home. This ooey-gooey bar is easy to make and costs only 31 cents per serving. Plus, the party guests will be home by the time they're covered in the delicious caramel instead of on your white sofa.

    Recipe: Caramel-Marshmallow Brownies

  • Game Night, Unplugged

    Game Night, Unplugged

    Make the old new again by breaking out your favorite games from childhood. Get kids going on the back lawn with a festive game of Twister or invite some creativity with Win-Lose-or-Draw. Sort through the games cluttering your attic and bring them new (young!) life. Bonus points if you pick up small prizes for the winners!

    Game Night

  • Create a Cupcake

    Create-a-Cupcake Party

    If your little ones love to help in the kitchen, they're sure to love a culinary-themed party in their honor. Bake Lemonade Cupcakes ahead of time then set up an icing bar with colored icicngs and a vast supply of toppings. Pick up dollar bags of candy (don't forget the worms!) and cannisters of bright sprinkles. Cut out letters of the alphabet for them to use as stencils. The best part is they can enjoy their treats when they're done, making this edible art project lighter on the clean-up.

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