Kid-Friendly Drinks and Sippers  

Serve a batch of fun kid-friendly beverages at your little one's next birthday party or poolside gathering.

  • Blueberry-Coconut Slush
    James Carrier

    Blueberry-Coconut Slush  

    Frozen blueberries sneak essential nutrients into this delicious, gulp-worthy slush that your kids will love.

  • Hot Fudge Sundae Shake
    Photo: William Dickey; Styling: Rose Nguyen

    Hot Fudge Sundae Shake

    Fill their glasses with everything that makes a sundae so delicious: vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, caramel syrup, whipped cream, brownies, and cherries.
  • Lemon Soda Float
    Photo: Anna Williams

    Lemon Soda Float

    Try a twist on the traditional Coke or root beer float by combining lemon soda, such as San Pellegrino Limonata or Newman's Own Sparkling Lemonade, with creamy vanilla ice cream.
  • Strawberry-Raspberry Soda
    James Carrier

    Strawberry-Raspberry Soda

    Serve strawberry shortcake in a glass. Layer strawberry-sour cream ice cream with fresh strawberries, then add a sugar mix and club soda (for fun fizzies). Keep spoons handy to catch syrupy drips.
  • Chocolate Fizz
    James Carrier

    Chocolate Fizz

    This chocolatey drink mimics popular mocha drinks, but without the shot of espresso. Mix the main ingredients, then let kids chill the concoction with ice in cocktail shakers.
  • Homemade Orange Soda

    Homemade Orange Soda

    Pump up the flavor of lemon-lime soda with thawed orange juice concentrate. Serve over ice for a fizzy beverage packed with citrus tang.
  • Teo's Punch
    Becky Luigart-Stayner; Melanie J. Clarke and Lydia DeGaris-Pursell

    Téo's Punch

    Serve this punch when you're having a neighborhood gathering. Kids love the sweet and tart combo of juices, and it easily upgrades to an adults-only beverage for parents by adding a hit of rum.
  • Triple Berry Freeze
    Randy Mayor; Melanie J. Clarke

    Triple Berry Freeze

    Frozen berries, lemon sorbet, and a little honey make this naturally sweet beverage a favorite with kids. Sparkling water adds a light hint of fizz to the rich drink.
  • White Grape-and-Orange Cooler

    White Grape-and-Orange Cooler

    White grape juice has always been a kid-friendly favorite. Make their dinner beverage special by adding orange juice, ginger ale, and a little sugar. Garnish with citrus slices to dress it up.
  • Banana-Peach Shake
    Photo: William Dickey; Styling: Margaret Dickey

    Banana-Peach Shake

    Fresh peaches, bananas, milk, and frozen yogurt make this smooth, creamy, fruity shake a summertime favorite for little kids and big kids alike.
  • Triple Chocolate Slush
    Photo: Jennifer Davick; Styling: Lydia Degaris-Pursell

    Triple Chocolate Slush

    What child wouldn't love this uber-chocolately slush topped with sweet whipped cream? (Except maybe the chocolate-haters.) But moms, don't worry: the ice cuts down this slush's richness, making it lighter than a traditional milk shake.
  • Lime Fizz
    Photo: Jennifer Davick; Styling: Allison R. Banks

    Lime Fizz

    This fizzy, lime-flavored drink is the perfect kids' cool-me-down on hot summer afternoons after a day at the ballpark, in the yard, or bking with friends.
  • Sunshine Smoothie
    Photo: Oxmoor House

    Sunshine Smoothie

    Smoothies are such a fantastic way to sneak fruit into little ones' diets. This one gets its cheerful color from mango, apricots, nectarine, cantaloupe, and lemon yogurt.
  • Watermelon Coolers
    Photo: Charles Schiller; Styling: Stephana Bottom

    Watermelon Coolers

    Pair the sweetness of frozen watermelon cubes with the spicy bite of ginger ale and the tart flavor of limeade for this refreshing, icy sipper.

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