Fire Truck Birthday Party

Grab your boots and head for the fireman's pole when you hear the sirens, it's time for a fire truck birthday party!

  • Fire Truck Party Table
    Jennifer Koehler

    One Hot Table

    Sound the alarm! It's time for a fire truck birthday party. Grab your helmet and boots and head for a smokin' good time at this ruby-hued, totally fun birthday party for boys and girls of all ages.

  • Fire Truck Red Hots
    Jennifer Koehler

    Smokin' Red Hots

    Whether you're serving guests with small fingers or just a group of kids on the go, goodie bags of treats are an easy way of providing a quick sugar rush with minimal mess. Hot Tamales, Red Hots, or even red Skittles will do!

  • Fire Truck Cake
    Jennifer Koehler

    Top the Cake

    Let your imagination go wild when you plan the fire truck birthday cake. Add a ladder, a hose, and a tiny engine as your topper. Short on time? A clean toy can easily take the place of pride atop the highest layer.

  • Fire Truck Twizzlers
    Jennifer Koehler

    Must-Have Ladders

    A good fireman never forgets his tools, so keep your rope (or ladder!) at the ready by keeping these treats close by.

  • Fire Truck Cupcakes
    Jennifer Koehler

    Crazy for Cupcakes

    Save your sanity and purchase cupcakes from the store so that you can prep the rest of the party goodies. Top vanilla-on-vanilla cupcakes with bright red cherries and printable party decals featuring the stars of the show: a fire truck and your little one's age!

  • Fire Truck Cups
    Jennifer Koehler

    Veggie Cups

    Firefighters need their veggies, too. Put celery and carrot sticks in grab-and-go cups with a dollop of Ranch dressing or hummus at the bottom. Remind kids that the carrots will help them see through the smoke should a real fire arise.

  • Fire Truck Party Cake
    Jennifer Koehler

    Just Add Candles

    Make the birthday boy or girl feel extra special by adding a nameplate to the front of the cake. Keep it simple by using a pen with edible ink, found at most craft or hobby stores, to write the name.

  • Fire Truck Party Favors
    Jennifer Koehler

    Too-Cute Favors

    When it comes to favors, toys can be your best friend. Gift each guest with a mini fire truck for them to play with on the ride home.

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