Circus Birthday Party

Send in the clowns! Break out your inner Ringmaster and host a Big-Top event to celebrate your birthday boy or girl with this Circus Birthday Party. Our hostess with the mostess Jennifer Koehler tells you how.

  • <p>Set the Scene</p>
    Jennifer Koehler

    Set the Scene

    When planning your spread, consider your theme and the time of day. For a midafternoon party, plan to have snacks and cake, as well as a few drink options. If you host your party over lunch or in the evening, plan heavier items to satisfy everyone.

  • <p>Spread the Word</p>
    Jennifer Koehler; Invitation by lemonadepaperie

    Spread the Word

    Invite guests to the party by sending invitations that include tickets for your attractions. The tiny ticket on the bottom of the invite pulls the theme together.

  • <p>In Case of Rain...</p>
    Jennifer Koehler

    In Case of Rain...

    If your party's outside, don't forget about having a rain plan. If your yard can't hold a big-top inspired tent, then alert guests to a rain date by including a cute note along with their invitation.

  • <p>A Big-Top Cake</p>
    Jennifer Koehler; Cake by Jackie Treschl

    A Big-Top Cake

    Use your too-cute cake as a centerpiece that adds to your decor before the guests arrive and dig in. The fondant elephant balancing on the ball is a classic circus moment, and the red stripes bring back memories of nights under the tent.

  • <p>A Tasty Treat</p>
    Jennifer Koehler

    A Tasty Treat

    Serve a treat that's easy to make and fun to look at. Dipped marshmallows add a sweet spot to your spread without being messy. Adorn the sticks with thin ribbon that matches your theme, and pick bright candy melts for a pop of color.

  • <p>Lick a Lollipop</p>
    Jennifer Koehler

    Lick a Lollipop

    Bring the fun of the circus to your backyard with cute lollipops. Make yours in the shape of your favorite circus animal, or freeform, if you prefer. Just match the colors to your party's theme.

  • <p>Clown Noses</p>
    Jennifer Koehler

    Clown Noses

    Honk honk! Keep the theme going by serving "clown noses" for a sweet treat. Pair with pint-sized party bags so that guests can take home these treats as favors.

  • <p>Say Cheese!</p>
    Jennifer Koehler

    Say Cheese!

    Invite guests to get decked out in Ringmaster's hats, clown noses, and fake barbells by creating a photo booth. Set up your digital camera with a hand held timer to let guests control the fun. Bonus: You get a copy of all the pictures! If you prefer, suggest guests take snaps with their own cameras.

  • <p>Clowning Around</p>
    Jennifer Koehler

    Clowning Around

    Transform store-bought cupcakes into theme-ready treats by adding theme-ready wrappers and too-cute cutouts. Prefer to make your own cupcakes? Try our Lemonade Cupcake recipe topped with cream cheese frosting.

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