Brown Bear, Brown Bear Birthday Party

What do you see? A perfect Brown Bear party just for me! Join us as we celebrate a birthday based on the classic children's book.

  • Brown Bear Invitation
    Jennifer Koehler

    Brown Bear Invitation

    Start your Brown Bear, Brown Bear birthday party off right with an invitation that's perfect for the age group of your guests. Following the theme of the book from the start gives you great direction for the rest of the party.

  • Brown Bear Cake
    Jennifer Koehler

    Brown Bear Cake

    Call our classic colors by framing them on a white cake. Plus, by serving three-year-olds mostly white cake, you're cutting down on multi-colored frosting fun left of tiny shirts and, possibly, your couch.

  • Brown Bear Animal Cupcakes
    Jennifer Koehler

    Brown Bear Animal Cupcakes

    Creating cupcakes of the animals found in the book is a fun way to bring color to your table. Let pint-sized guests pick their favorite animal as their celebration treat.

  • Brown Bear Cupcake Closeup
    Jennifer Koehler

    Brown Bear Cupcake Closeup

    Use store-bought cupcakes and a classic white frosting to save time so that you can focus on crafting cute critters as the toppers. We used fondant for these guys, but you could experiment with other icings or even small plastic toys.

  • Brown Bear Book Table
    Jennifer Koehler

    Brown Bear Book Table

    Don't forget the main character! Leave a copy of the book on the table for guests to see. If there's time, have a reading while they enjoy their treats.

  • Brown Bear Green Frogs
    Jennifer Koehler

    Brown Bear Green Frogs

    Gummy candy comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Check your local store before making your tags and you're sure to find the perfect pick for your table. Serve the treats in pint-sized cups so guests can help themselves with ease.

  • Brown Bear Coloring Books
    Jennifer Koehler

    Brown Bear Coloring Books

    When hosting a young age group, keep activities simple. Ideally, the kids won't need direct help and you won't be worried about small pieces or sticky surfaces. Coloring pages are a great plan; you can even free hand a design and make copies so that your craft is customized.

  • Brown Bear Gold Fish
    Jennifer Koehler

    Brown Bear Gold Fish

    Use tags and colors that match your invitation and other paper goods at the party to make the theme flow. We love seeing the Brown Bear march across all the menu items.

  • Brown Bear Gift Basket
    Jennifer Koehler

    Brown Bear Gift Basket

    Send guests home with gift baskets as favors. Include brown bear cookies and animal-themed bath toys for an easy, inexpensive take-away. The too-cute tag pulls the basket together and reminds little ones that "please" and "thank you" are wonderful words!

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