March 07, 2014

Maybe you’re observing lent. Maybe you’re trying to save a little money or test out

Similar to "eggs in purgatory," Shakshuka is a dish in which the eggs cook directly in a spiced marinara sauce. This recipe involves spooning your egg and marinara mixture over rice, but I prefer using a hunk of crusty bread as my vessel. It's a rustic, satisfying dish—perfect for chilly weeknights.Get the recipe:

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When I was younger, my siblings and I called poached and fried eggs "dippy eggs." They were a special treat reserved for snow days and lazy Saturdays and to this day, few things satisfy like taking that first poke at the yolk of a poached egg. Throw it on top of a bowl of mushrooms, chard, and quinoa and you've got a hearty vegetarian meal for any day of the week.Get the recipe: Red Quinoa Bowl with Swiss Chard and Poached Egg

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