Down-Home Southern Fried Chicken

Nothing says "Welcome Home" better than a big platter of fried chicken. Instead of picking up a bucket, save a little money and make it yourself.

  • Buttermilk Oven-Fried Chicken with Coleslaw

    Buttermilk Oven-Fried Chicken with Coleslaw

    Soaking the chicken in buttermilk before dredging adds a bit of a tangy flavor, and using cracker meal in the coating mixture adds extra crunch. The easy, creamy coleslaw makes a perfect accompaniment for the crispy chicken.

    Recipe: Buttermilk Oven-Fried Chicken with Coleslaw

  • Mama's Fried Chicken

    Mama's Fried Chicken

    Treat your family to a meal of old-fashioned fried chicken that's "just like Mama used to make". You'll love it, even if your mama never actually made fried chicken.

    Recipe: Mama's Fried Chicken

  • Peppery Chicken Fried Chicken

    Peppery Chicken Fried Chicken

    A double dose of pepper–red and black–adds a kick to this fried chicken. The light and crispy coating features saltine cracker crumbs in addition to the flour and baking powder.

    Recipe: Peppery Chicken Fried Chicken

  • Oven-Fried Chicken

    Oven-Fried Chicken

    Skip the skillet and use a baking sheet instead. A coating of breadcrumbs, cheddar cheese and chili powder sets this oven-fried chicken apart from basic fried chicken recipes.

    Recipe: Oven-Fried Chicken

  • Timely Fried Chicken

    Timely Fried Chicken

    If you're feeding a big crowd, this recipe is a great choice. Cutting up a whole chicken instead of buying prepackaged pieces is a great way to save money. See the video on Cutting Up a Whole Chicken.

    Recipe: Timely Fried Chicken

  • Cajun Oven-Fried Chicken

    Cajun Oven-Fried Chicken

    Use panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) to get an extra-crispy coating on your chicken. Because it's oven-fried, there's no need for oil, so one serving has only 3.7 grams of fat.

    Recipe: Cajun Oven-Fried Chicken

  • Fake-and-Bake "Fried" Chicken

    Fake-and-Bake "Fried" Chicken

    It's hard to beat a crispy fried chicken that you can make in about 30 minutes with only 3 ingredients. Hint: Ranch dressing and instant potato flakes are the magic ingredients.

    Recipe: Fake-and-Bake Fried Chicken

  • Fiery "Fried" Chicken

    Fiery "Fried" Chicken

    The distinctive flavor of this oven-fried chicken comes from chili-garlic sauce and pineapple juice. It's a great choice for weeknight dinners when you're tired of the "same ol' chicken recipes."

    Recipe: Fiery Fried Chicken

  • Sweet Tea-Brined Fried Chicken
    Photo: Hector Sanchez; Stylist: Buffy Hargett

    Sweet Tea-Brined Fried Chicken

    A marriage of Southern favorites: Our salty-sweet brine of brown sugar and freshly brewed tea infuses this picnic-perfect chicken with juicy flavor before frying. Bonus: The tannins in tea act as a natural tenderizer.
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