How to Make Schnauzer Cupcakes

Are you ready to make the cutest cupcakes the world has ever seen? Follow our step-by-step guide then check out the recipe to get started on your own litter of Schnauzer cupcakes.

  • What You'll Need
    Photo: Tami Hardeman

    What You'll Need

    Gather your ingredients before you start making Schnauzer cupcakes. You can pick any hue you like, but we love this too-cute baby blue.

  • Make the Muzzle
    Photo: Tami Hardeman

    Make the Muzzle

    Cut a marshmallow in half.  Arrange the marshmallow on lower section of the cupcake, cut edge side in the icing to act as the muzzle.

  • Cover with Frosting
    Photo: Tami Hardeman

    Cover with Frosting

    Using a small spatula, frost the top of marshmallow with a layer of blue frosting, blending it into the base layer accordingly.

  • Add the Face
    Photo: Tami Hardeman

    Add the Face

    Pipe frosting in vertical lines for a “beard”, and tufts of hair between the ears. Pipe 2 dots of frosting for the whites of the eyes, then add two mini jelly beans or candies on top of the white as the pupils. Repeat the same action for the nose, adding a red jelly bean nose.  Slip the second red candy under the beard for the tongue.

  • Schnauzer Cupcakes
    Photo: Tami Hardeman

    Show Your Schnauzer

    Grab a few friends and get started on your own litter of Schnauzer cuties.
  • Schnauzer Pupcake

    Video: Schnauzer Pupcakes

    Want more? Get step-by-step instructions for decorating Schnauzer cupcakes from pupcake creator Chris Arpante.
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