How to Make Pug Cupcakes

Make Pug cupcakes to celebrate the dog lover in your life. Follow along in our step-by-step guide, then check out the recipe.

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    What You'll Need

    Ready to make your own too-cute pug cupcake recipe? See the recipe here and follow along in this step-by-step how-to.

  • Pug Step 1
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    Prep the Muzzle

    Start with a lightly frosted cupcake. Fill a piping bag with vanilla frosting. Fit bag with a #12 tip and pipe an upside down heart on the frosted cupcake.

  • Pug Step 2
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    Create the Mouth and Tongue

    Press or roll out chewy chocolate candies.  Using a round cutter that is approximately 1-inch in diameter, cut 3 circles.  Set aside excess for later use. Cut one of the circles in half.  Place one half at the bottom of the cupcake, at the “6 o’clock” position. Overlap the two full circles on top of the half to form the cheeks. Cut a small piece of fruit roll for the tongue.  Insert tongue piece so that it is tucked under the cheeks .

  • Pug Step 3
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    Add a Nose

    Add one candy piece,  or sugar pearl, as the nose.  Or, roll the remaining half circle of chewy chocolate candy for the nose.  Use a knife, toothpick, or veining tool to form the nose and freckles.

  • Pug Step 4
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    Shape the Upper Lip

    Using the #12 tip-fitted bag, pipe around the cheek.

  • Pug Step 4a
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    Define the Eyes

    Place a small chocolate candy or sugar pearl in the center of each disk for the eyes. Using a toothpick, dab a dot of vanilla frosting on the candy piece to define the eye.

  • Pug Step 5
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    Top with Ears

    Using a knife or tear drop-shaped cutter, and the excess rolled chocolate chewy candy, cut 2 small triangular ears. Place one ear at “11 o’clock” and the other at “1 o’clock”.

  • Pug Pupcake
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    Dreamy Dogs

    When your pug cupcake is ready to share, box up a litter and bring them to fellow pug lovers.
  • How to Make Pug Pupcakes

    Video: Pug Pupcakes

    Want more? Get step-by-step instructions for decorating Pug cupcakes from pupcake creator Chris Arpante.
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