How to Make Poodle Cupcakes

Be the party with the prettiest pupcakes on the block. Poodle cupcakes are a hit for 50's-themed parties and lovers of the fair-haired pups alike.

  • Poodle Ingredients
    Photo: Tami Hardeman

    What You'll Need

    A few simple ingredients are all you need to make a too-cute poodle cupcake. You can make your poodle any hue you like, but we're gaga for this sweet pink shade! Follow our step-by-step guide, then see the recipe to get started.

  • Lay the Foundation
    Photo: Tami Hardeman

    Lay the Foundation

    A cupcake with significant frosting needs a strong base. Shape Rice Krispie treat into a ball about the size of a golf ball to serve as the head, then attach a peanut shaped candy to each side of the treat for ears.

  • Add the Fur
    Photo: Tami Hardeman

    Add the Fur

    Pipe frosting over the entire cupcake

  • Attach the Nose
    Photo: Tami Hardeman

    Attach the Nose

    Cut a small piece of fruit roll and place on cupcake for the nose.

  • Make the Bows
    Photo: Tami Hardeman

    Make the Bows

    Use the fruit roll or another moldable candy to form bows. When complete, place one blow on each dog ear.

  • Create the Eyes
    Photo: Tami Hardeman

    Create the Eyes

    Add small chocolate candies for the eyes.

  • Perfect the Poof
    Photo: Tami Hardeman

    Perfect the Poof

    Using the piping bag with a #14 or #16 star tip, pipe a hair “poof” on the top of the head, between the ears. Carefully place pink sugar pearls, or round candy, around the "neck" for a dog collar.

  • Poodle Cupcakes
    Photo: Tami Hardeman

    Best in Show!

    Take home a blue ribbon for your pink cutie. See the recipe to get started.
  • How to Make Poodle Pupcakes

    Video: Poodle Pupcakes

    Want more? Get step-by-step instructions for decorating Poodle cupcakes from pupcake creator Chris Arpante.
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