How to Make Maltese Cupcakes

Must-make Maltese cupcakes are a too-cute addition to any dog lover's birthday party.

  • Maltese Ingredients
    Photo: Tami Hardeman

    What You'll Need

    Grab your goodies and follow along as we show you how to make the perfect Maltese cupcake. When you're done, head to the recipe and get started on your own batch!

  • Head & Snout
    Photo: Tami Hardeman

    Head & Snout

    Shape one Rice Krispie treat into a ball about the size of a golf ball. Add one dollop of vanilla frosting toward the middle of the cupcake to hold the head in place. Place one half of a marshmallow, cut edge side in a dollop of icing, to act as the snout.

  • Maltese Step 2
    Photo: Tami Hardeman

    Add the Hair

    Fit a piping bag with a #233 grass tip and fill with white frosting.  Pipe frosting “hair” over entire cupcake, except the front of marshmallow muzzle.

  • Maltese Step 3
    Photo: Tami Hardeman

    Shape the Ears

    Cut a second Rice Krispie Treat, cutting 2 small triangles as ears. Place at top of the Maltese’s head for ears, one ear at “11 o’clock” and the other at “1 o’clock”.

  • Maltese Step 4
    Photo: Tami Hardeman

    Cover the Ears

    Time to ice the ears! Continue piping with #233 grass tip to cover.

  • Maltese Step 5
    Photo: Tami Hardeman

    Make the Face

    Add small chocolate candies to face for eyes and nose.

  • Maltese Step 6
    Photo: Tami Hardeman

    Top with a Tongue

    Cut a small piece of fruit roll for tongue.  Insert tongue piece below nose.

  • Maltese Cupcakes
    Photo: Tami Hardeman

    Perfect Pups

    Just like the actual dogs, these cupcakes are just too cute for words.
  • How to Make Maltese cupcakes

    Video: Maltese Pupcakes

    Want more? Get step-by-step instructions for decorating Maltese cupcakes from pupcake creator Chris Arpante.
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