August 16, 2016


Bringing guac to the party tonight? Yes, avocados are prone to brown once exposed to air, but it's not entirely impossible to prep your guacamole ahead and keep it looking good. Here's a round-up of the best tricks for how to do it like a guac boss:

To keep fresh 1-2 hours:

After you prep the guacamole, add one avocado pit back into the bowl and place plastic wrap directly over the guacamole that's inside the bowl--not just over the bowl itself--press the plastic directly on the surface of your guacamole, like you would on a custard to prevent a skin from forming as it sets. These two tricks will help your guacamole to keep to keep a fresher appearance. If after 1-2 hours you begin to see a little brown on the top, just skim it off, add an extra squeeze of lime juice, then give it a stir--the guacamole will still be delicious, vibrant-looking, and fresh-tasting.

To keep fresh overnight:

This may sound weird, but your best friend to keep guacamole fresh longer than a few hours is . . . water. Yes, plain plater We got this idea from our friends at


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