How to Make Boston Terrier Cupcakes

Bring your best friend to life. Boston Terrier cupcakes are the perfect birthday treat for the dog-lover who has it all. Follow our how-to guide, then head to the recipe to get started.

  • What You'll Need
    Photo: Tami Hardeman

    What You'll Need

    Are Boston Terriers your favorite dog breed? Bring them to your kitchen with these adorable, must-try pupcakes. Check out our how-to, then head to the recipe to get started.

  • Make the Muzzle
    Photo: Tami Hardeman

    Make the Muzzle

    Press or roll out chewy chocolate candies.  Make two crescent moons, then to snip the end of the “moon”. The shapes will resemble an upside down apostrophe. Reserve remaining candy pieces. Place one brown candy piece on frosted cupcake, making sure the points are at the top and facing toward one another.

  • Add a Nose
    Photo: Tami Hardeman

    Add a Nose

    Pipe the cheeks with white frosting. It should look like an upside down heart without a ”tail". Place a chocolate candy, the size of a pea, in the center of the piped icing as a nose.

  • Make a Tongue
    Photo: Tami Hardeman

    Make a Tongue

    Cut a small piece of fruit roll for the tongue.  Insert tongue piece below the nose, tucked under the cheeks.

  • Create the Eyes
    Photo: Tami Hardeman

    Create the Eyes

    Using the same piping bag, pipe a small disk, slightly smaller than a dime, in the center of each brown candy piece, brushing the icing disk’s bottom against the cheeks. Place a small chocolate candy (or sugar pearl or chocolate frosting) in the center of each disk for the dog’s eyes.

  • Boston Terrier Step 4
    Photo: Tami Hardeman

    Attach the Ears

    Place small, tear-drop ears at the point of each brown candy piece, point facing outward.

  • Boston Terrier Cupcakes
    Photo: Tami Hardeman

    Present Your Pup

    Make a batch of Boston Terrier cupcakes to take to the office. You're sure to find other dog lovers when you start passing out these treats!
  • How to Make Boston Terrier Pupcakes

    Video: Boston Terrier Pupcakes

    Want more? Get step-by-step instructions for decorating Boston Terrier cupcakes from pupcake creator Chris Arpante.
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