Can I freeze strawberries?  

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While the dishwasher runs after dinner, whip up a batch of this blended treat. Honey sweetens the banana-strawberry-yogurt mixture. Serve thick for a fun beat-the-heat dessert. Recipe: Banana-Berry Smoothie

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Strawberries are not only incredibly tasty right now–they are far less expensive than in cooler months. Fortunately, they freeze well. Now, I am not going to suggest that frozen are as tasty and succulent as fresh, but they certainly taste good to me in the winter! And they are perfect for smoothies, baking and sauces when frozen.

Here's all you need to do:

1. Hull the strawberries and wash them. Pat them dry–as dry as you can get them. Excess moisture on the surface will form ice.

2. Place berries in a single un-crowded layer on a platter or tray and freeze overnight, or until rock solid throughout.

3. Transfer to a heavy duty plastic freezer bag and get as much air out of the bag as possible before sealing it closed.

The frozen strawberries should keep well for six months.

Recipe: Banana-Berry Smoothie

Marge Perry
Aug, 2011
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